Trained to tell stories. Made to make art.

Starry skies, sagebrush, and endless red rock trails drew me West from Knoxville more than a decade ago. After earning accolades in journalism, I picked up a camera to accompany the pen to tell a more cohesive narrative. The transition was natural.

I found myself pointing a camera at Utah's modern pioneers, enigmatic subcultures, and evocative companies and products. I love a good story. Now, I blend craftsmanship and artistry to create visually-compelling photos and video for brands, ad agencies, small businesses, and editorial clients.

A look at my life at home and at work

Just over here trying to find the magical in the mundane and strike that balance between practicality and reverie.

where Craftsmanship

meets Creativity

It's that sweet spot where EXPERIENCE and ARTISTRY share a secret handshake. The tipping point where AUTHENTICITY and a FRESH PERSPECTIVE trade secrets. The balancing act between INSPIRING and CAPTIVATING.

That's what I'm chasing. Every day.

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my core beliefs




Your client is the hero of their own story

Listen, and then create. Hit the mark, then go beyond

Tactical mastery allows for creative spontaneity

This fundamental understanding, a practice of empathy and intuition, will help us craft visuals to create a deep love for your brand. Meet them where they're at, and then guide them to the end.

I strive to be a collaborator and team player on set. Ego has little place in this work. Let's create solutions together to your needs throughout the process, make deliverables that go above and beyond.

Years of experience allow me to hone in on your vision and articulate imagery, fine tuning the lighting and details. What's more, it allows me to be spontaneous in the moment to deliver something fresh.

Masterful. Creative. Efficient.

β€œKnow thisβ€”he's the real deal. His work speaks for itself, but the person behind the lens has a heart of gold. He cares about your project wholeheartedly: your vision, goals, and priorities. Then, he executes his work with skill, grace, humility, and speed. We are deeply grateful for his presence, integrity, and talent. Hire him. Easy decision.”

- Laura Guilmain

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You need a craftsman.

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