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Portraiture with as much punch as your personality.

So much more than a headshot, portraiture imbues a question. Subject and audience intertwine. And it's enhanced by environment. What we're after here is a crafted, articulate representation of a unique being. Ringing with truth and authenticity, it's visually arresting and alive in two dimensions.


To distill their essence into a single frame.

Researching and interviewing subjects before our session allows me to understand them beyond the superficial. I want to know what makes them tick. I ask myself, and them: What quintessential virtues, or vices, reveal their true nature? How can the subject embody and unveil these characteristics to the camera? Indeed, we’ll dig deep. My years of experience in creating set and setting allow me to distill their essence into a single frame.



To craft something that’s alive in two dimensions.

We’ll create cinematic depth to draw the audience in and make the portrait pop off the page. With our subject poised to showcase their personal panache, additive elements further the story. Masterfully-crafted lighting articulates the feeling, creates punchy contrast, and aids the composition. While environmental choices ground our vision, wardrobe and props illuminate our character’s personality. It’s a symphony of pixels to turn the two dimensional into the illusion of the three dimensional. 



To connect to the audience on a deeper level. 

We have but moments with our audience, so we’ll waste no time in getting to the heart of it. By crafting portraits that are simultaneously empathetic and punchy, we’ll share an honest expression of our subject to the audience. We’ll connect the two, if only briefly, by piquing interest and allowing space for quandary.  It’s striking the balance between the vivid and the mysterious, communicative and curious.




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Dave Titensor

University of Utah Marketing

Eugenie Hero Jaffe


"Austen makes great images. He has a great eye and creates stunning photos. He knows how to get the best out of his subjects. He always provides great options and finds new and interesting ways to visualize the subject."

"I've had the pleasure of working with Austen on multiple projects over the years–large scale events, business imaging, candid portraits. He's able to capture the natural beauty of people and special moments. He's professional, easy to work with and provides a quick turnaround. He understands what's needed to make your website sparkle and your social media feed shine."


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